29 May

Paris Healthcare Week

May 29-30 & 31, 2018 – Paris Healthcare Week - Porte de Versailles - Paris


CDC Arkhineo obtained in December 2017 the HDS agreement (Healthcare Data Hosting). Therefor we have participated in May to the French exhibition Paris Healthcare Week.

Paris Healthcare Week is the leading French event for decision maker and Health professional involved in management, connexion, equipment and establishment building. This exhibition welcomes plenty of health players from all domains. These last few years emphasize on IT domains, this year 350 IT players were present.

CDC Arkhineo opens up to the Heath industry.  Recent legislations encourage the health establishment to adopt digitalised solutions.

During this exhibition, we were on the UGAP village which had for theme “numeric health”. We were pleased to discuss with our prospect about their need of electronic archiving.

Hospitals, clinics, medical laboratory can now digitise a lot of documents such as medical consent, labs results, laboratory notebook etc. All of these documents need to be preserve for a specific retention period. Their preservation must be done in a way to prove and maintain the integrity of the document during its retention period. If a health establishment wants to use a third archive to preserve its documents, the third archiver must be certified HDS.

CDC Arkhineo can now archive all these documents and advise heath establishments.