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A number of large corporations have chosen CDC Arkhinéo and their Electronic Archiving System® to store their digital data.


In a world that’s increasingly connected, Gemalto, a global leader in digital security, protects and facilitates the interaction of our personal data. Gemalto provides integrated digital security solutions, such as developing software applications with digital security tools from the design stage all the way to production, including smart cards, SIM cards, electronic passports and tokens, as well as managing and deploying services for their customers.
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The City of Paris was the first public authority of its size to commit to going paperless and, as a first step, removing paper from its entire expenses processing chain. The impact was immediate as 13 tons of paper representing all of its accounting documents (some 400,000 annual duties and supporting documents) gave way to an entirely computerised process, which has helped considerably reduce payment times for Ville de Paris’ suppliers. More recently, it was the turn of their revenue processing chain to commit to a paperless future. Now, all financial exchanges within the Parisian authority are processed online. Ville de Paris selected CDC Arkhinéo to electronically archive their documents.
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International Air Transport Association - IATA
For over 60 years, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has set the operating standards that underpin the global aviation industry. IATA’s mission is to represent, guide and serve the airline industry. IATA represents some 240 airlines, which together provide 84% of all the world’s airline traffic.
IATA works to educate decision-makers about the realities of the industry and to make the benefits of aviation to both national and international economies known. It fights to defend the interests of carriers, challenging unreasonable regulations and taxation, demanding accountability from governments and regulatory bodies and strives to establish a sound regulatory framework within which airlines can operate.
IATA’s goal is to simplify processes and make passengers’ lives easier, whilst reducing costs and improving overall efficiency. Safety is the top priority for IATA, where their aim is to continuously improve safety standards, including via IATA’s Operational Safety Audit Programme. Mitigating the environmental impact of aviation is another key focus for IATA.
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Snecma, a leading aeronautical and space engine manufacturer

A leading aeronautical and space engine manufacturer, Snecma designs, develops, produces and sells engines for civil and military aircraft, both alone and in collaboration with other companies, for space launchers and satellites. Snecma also provides a complete range of engine services to airlines, the armed forces and aircraft operators. Snecma’s excellence as an aircraft and space engine manufacturer is recognised across the globe. Our expertise is known as Enginology®, the ‘engine technology’ that puts all our know-how and experience into every single engine we create, either alone or with our international partners.
As part of Safran, the international high-tech group, our skills in designing, developing and producing engines are behind some of the world’s most innovative technological advances. Environmentally, we're also helping to rise to the challenges facing our industry by monitoring and reducing our emissions.

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LCL, a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole SA, is one of the largest retail banks in France.
Operating across the country in 2,065 locations, LCL is high-street bank currently employing 20,900 people to serve its 6,000,000 private customers, 320,000 business customers and 27,000 corporate and institutional customers.
LCL also includes LCL Banque Privée, e.LCL, a bank that’s 100% online, and LCL Banque des Entreprises (their commercial and corporate finance arm).
LCL relies on a strategy to develop, innovate and recognise the needs of their customers, particularly in terms of their Recognition Contract. ‘Ask more of your money’ is LCL’s advertising slogan.
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Supra SA provides a complete range of products in its market position as one of the major players in thermal comfort for individuals and professionals alike. Investing in renewable energies is a significant undertaking. But we believe in a future that protects our environment and we’re dedicating all our efforts to achieve it. We drive our values forward through our products and work hard to offer a future that’s more committed to future generations.
Paperless billing goes hand in hand with our development goals and values, as well as being an asset in how we look after our customers.
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