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CDC Arkhinéo works with a network of partner companies, whose skills complement our own, for even greater efficiency.


Docapost Fast runs a secure and sophisticated tele-transmission tool, guaranteeing secure electronic exchanges. Encrypting, time-stamping, authenticating, creating and archiving electronic documents, Docapost Fast manages the entire digital chain with confidence. The Fast range has been developed in close collaboration with the public sector and information professionals to help organisations modernise and simplify their administrative tasks. Beyond the digitalisation of legal checks, public accounting and electoral correspondence, Docapost Fast also offers a welfare benefits management service and is experimenting with several other public and private sector services. Fast services are used by more than 1,500 local authorities and public bodies in France and beyond.
DOCAPOST FAST website (by Certicorps) is the software solution for simplifying and safeguarding relationships between buyers and contractors in the fight against undeclared labour: collecting, verifying and making compulsory documents available online. Through their regulatory expertise, also runs a highly respected blog about purchasing and the fight against undeclared labour ( E-certificate solutions are today being used in monitoring and carrying out contracted work by various prestigious clients, such as SNCF, RATP, APHP (Paris’ Public Hospitals), UGAP, GRDF and ERDF, and have led to strategic partnerships with trusted third-parties, such as CDC Fast, CDC Arkhinéo, Keynectis and Altarès. website

Docaposte, works tirelessly to optimise customer relationship processes and how these exchanges take place. Docaposte favours a smart-outsourcing approach, based on optimising processes and the constantly changing needs of companies, authorities and institutions. It provides global solutions to build profitable and loyal relationships with customers, improving the flow of both paper-based and electronic information, managing mail services, facilitating and safeguarding exchanges, whilst optimising information systems. Docaposte helps businesses and authorities delegate all or part of their processes. Offering outsourcing solutions on shared platforms as well as customer solutions, Docaposte’s strength lies in its ability to combine large-scale data processing and global information systems with establishing optimised organisations.


Business leaders understand that optimised, cost-effective and rational management of document flows should be a constant goal for companies, without forgetting the need to respect the environment and sustainable development.
For EDICS, their primary objective is to help companies progressively switch from paper-based to digital flows, with various solutions to combine economic and ecological savings.
That’s why we offer an ‘e-communications’ platform, allowing companies to optimise incoming and outgoing flows, such as invoices, payslips, contracts and other documents used within a company’s information systems.
With our knowledge on information systems, we help our customers define, manage and run their projects, with the overall goal of optimising processes and organisations.
EDICS website

DocuSign®, the Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management™, helps individuals go fully digital by empowering anyone to transact anything, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Securely. DocuSign is trusted by more than 40 million users in 188 countries to eliminate printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting documents to complete their transactions. DocuSign lets you place text and check boxes to complete forms, drag and drop your legally binding signature into documents, and send documents for signature. The DocuSign Global Trust Network helps you do business faster, so you can get on with the business of life.
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Esker is one of the world’s leading providers of paperless document cloud-based solutions. Given the use of paper is punishing companies more than ever before, Esker helps them to switch to digital management processes so as to improve their efficiency and visibility, as well as reducing costs (purchase orders, supplier invoices, customer orders, customer bills, customer complaints and recoveries).
With a turnover of €66 million in 2016, 77% of which came from its cloud-based solutions, Esker is the 17th biggest software publisher in France (source: Truffle 100 France 2017) and the 3rd biggest in the Rhône-Alpes region (source: Top 250 EY software publishers Rhône-Alpes 2015). Active in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, Esker carries out 61% of its business abroad, with 42% in the United States alone.
Esker is listed on the Alternext stock exchange in Paris (ISIN code FR0000035818) and has been recognised as an innovative company by bpifrance (no. 3684151/1).

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