Reseller Partners

CDC Arkhinéo works with a network of partner companies, whose skills complement our own, for even greater efficiency.


Generix Group, a software publisher for business ecosystems, provides global collaborative solutions for exchanging data, managing flows and optimising value chains. This range targets companies from the agri-food, consumer goods, food and specialist distribution, automotive, health and transport sectors.
With 550 employees and a turnover in the region of €70 million, it is the leading European commerce and supply chain publisher. 1,500 distributors, international manufacturers and logistical service providers have chosen Generix Group collaborative solutions. The Generix Group provides Invoice Manager, a solution that respects IT and legal constraints related to paperless billing.
Invoice Manager was certified by the French General Directorate of Imports in 1996 and holds a certificate of conformity with TAJ and GS1 digital regulations. The solution enables companies to switch to paperless mode both within and between companies, when issuing and receiving documents, respecting European financial legislation and local regulations within 10 countries.
Invoice Manager is accessible with a licence or on demand using a hosting service.
Generix Group website

Orange Business Services represents the communications solutions and services range for companies from Groupe France Télécom – previously trading under the France Telecom, Orange, Equant, Etrali, Almerys, EGT, Expertel Consulting, France Telecom Intelmatique, SETIB and Solicia brands. With a presence in 166 countries, Orange Business Services responds to customer needs in 220 countries and regions. By combining their collective expertise and know-how, Orange Business Services helps companies make the most of their communication services (voice, data and mobile services, network services, IT and managed services expertise, as well as outsourcing) to transform their processes and increase their productivity.
Orange Business Services website

For 30 years, ICD International has been designing and deploying software for dematerializing business documents and optimizing the supply chain.
Recognized for its strong knowledge of data exchange processes, ICD has established itself as a leading publisher for SaaS solutions for dematerialization and BtoB process management.
ICD solutions help organizations optimize and modernize their business processes to increase productivity and competitiveness.
The ICD solution integrates a unique platform that makes it possible to dematerialize 100% of invoices and eliminate manual entry operations, which are often sources of errors.
ICD has chosen to use the services of the electronic safe of CDC Arkhinéo, which guarantees a secure archiving and the integrity of the data in the long term.


ICD International website

PeopleDoc provides online services that help companies and individuals simplify how they manage their HR documents. PeopleDoc has more than 200,000 users in France, managing several million documents a year across their customer platforms serving between 50 and 50,000 users each.
PeopleDoc is designed to simplify and safeguard HR document management, as well as document exchanges between employers and their staff:
• PeopleDoc Entreprise manages your employee records and shared documents (post-retirement statements, summary statements, etc.) in electronic format.
• PeopleDoc Salarié helps you go digital with your HR documents issued to employees: payslips, participation, etc. Every employee has their own personal archive that can be stored for life to receive and save their documents.
• PeopleDoc Signature lets you securely and electronically sign any HR document, particularly employment contracts.

PeopleDoc simplifies and speeds up HR processes, including recruitment, career management, managing highly mobile employees, globally outsourcing document routing and issuing, etc.

Established in 1959, for more than 50 years Informatique CDC has been the benchmark IT contractor for Caisse des Dépôts, playing an active role in the Group’s digital economy strategy.
An economic interest group, their goal is to design, implement and operate all of Caisse des Dépôts’ IT systems and benefit every one of its members by pooling its technical and human resources.
Informatique CDC website

Born out of a desire to save companies time and significantly reduce their temporary staff management costs, Rh-ExterneETT, created by the number one independent temporary staffing group in France, is a paperless platform for administrative procedures dedicated to managing human resources, whether permanent, temporary or interim.
PEOPULSE website