Reseller Partners

CDC Arkhinéo works with a network of partner companies, whose skills complement our own, for even greater efficiency.


Since 1992, Cegedim has provided global paperless solutions for all kinds of documents sent between companies, in all sectors, both in Europe and beyond. Cegedim supports its customers by automatically processing their managerial operations, from ordering to project completion via invoicing. It’s all thanks to their GIS (Global Information Services) platform, one of the first electronic exchange networks in Europe, which connects more than 60,000 companies across the world and handles some 250 million transactions per year.
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Are you looking to go paperless with your employees’ payslips? Are you looking for guarantees and long-term solutions for every digital payslip? Do you want to offer an environmentally sound and innovative service to your employees whilst saving money? With, ViaStorage turns your payslips digital and stores them in their very own archive for each of your employees. As these documents are extremely important to employees, Coffreo entrusts their electronic archiving to CDC Arkhinéo.
Members of staff can access their very own Coffreo space at any time, totally unique to them, and at no extra cost - all they need is an internet connection. They can view, print and download their payslips as many times as they want, and even deposit other personal documents. Coffreo also provides an electronic archiving system dedicated to individual departments within companies, particularly focussing on HR departments, allowing them to:
- confidentially store their department’s legal documents;
- optimise retention periods in line with their archiving policy;
- securely access their archived documents at any time.
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A leading management software publisher and specialist in payroll and HR solutions in France, the Cegid Group employs over 2,000 people and has almost 400,000 users across France and abroad.
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CVTrust was born out of an ambition to develop trustworthy solutions for the world of education, for businesses and individuals on the jobs market.
CVTrust provides a unique online platform known as Smart Certificate™, created for professionals in the world of education and training to help them design, implement, manage, send and verify all their digital and secure documents in just one click for their community of students and graduates.
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CertEurope - Oodrive: offering electronic certification services, third-party certification and third-party time stamping, Oodrive designs and implements applications to safeguard paperless document exchanges. As an example, CertEurope helps its insurance-sector customers sign contracts online. Coverage requests can also be signed electronically by future policy holders, which are then archived by CDC Arkhinéo, acting as CertEurope’s third-party archiver.
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Using temporary workers represents a significant challenge for businesses, operationally, legally and financially. But there are powerful optimisation tools available to help companies achieve purchasing, productivity and qualitative gains.
DirectSkills specialises in temporary employment - audits, optimising purchasing, independent management software packages, and is a market leader (BAPS _ Intérim).
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